How to use CustomErrors in ASP.NET MVC 2

More About ErrorHandling MVC 4

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First, let’s see how our Web.config file will look like and after that I will show you how to create the pages.

I’m going to show the steps to make it work for those three types of errors and also explain you about the HandleError attribute and how it handles the information specified in the customErrors. I’m also putting here the code I wrote in order to handle the AccessDenied error.

Error Page

When we are talking about the Error Page, one thing that you should understand is that without the HandleError Attribute, if an error occurs the .NET will just redirect the user to the page you specified in your Web.Config. So, if you have the “defaultRedirect” property pointing to something like “~/GenericError.aspx”, the GenericError.aspx page under the root folder of your project will be shown without any information about the Error. It could be a static HTML page…

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