How to have Metro Style in MVC4

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Hi all,

We know that the rendering of a website is important for a client, it may be even more important than the functional for some of them. We must take care of our design.

Since the release of Windows 8, many clients want a website touch oriented and tablet oriented with style “Metro” of course.

I’ll show you how to set up quickly and easily with a site windows 8 features most requested : the slide show, the slide show with text, the famous Windows8 menu, or a menu with dropdowns for example.

So have a style metro system for your site.

How to put this in place quickly, simply go to the following link: here and download the package with image, script and css.

Now we will integrate it into your solution. First step: create a solution MVC4 (on my side, I used MVC4 WebRole and Cloud Project to test it…

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